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Technology Partners

We collaborate with innovative companies, the following are some of our strategic technology partners.

Tap gives you a non-invasive charging experience by designing power solutions that fits your active lifestyles. tap wireless charging platform utilizes conductive power transfer to eliminate wires between the charger and the charging device. Strong Neodymium magnets brings it all together and ensures an automatic alignment and secure fit with every charge.

We are well positioned to support and grow the patented and new Tennrich-owned Magconn wireless charging ecosystem. Magconn not only offers the most efficient charging (93%) but the patented data transfer or syncing through its wireless ecosystem. This opens up many new applications and uses cases (Apple Carplay) to charge more freely while providing intelligence, customer/device feedback or direct data exchange.

BCT (Bone Conduction Technology) literally means to transfer sound directly to the auditory nerve. With BCT you do not have to use or damage your ears to listen to sound, music or voices. BCT was invented 75 years ago, but because of cost, quality and size (too big) it was not a viable option until recently. BCT allows a person to listen through vibration from a transducer positioned in front of the ear, so that it does not damage the inner ear nor block its use to hear. BCT headsets are one of the first “safe listening” devices. BCT is a great solution for hearing protection in noisy environments like car racing, airports or warehouse. It utilizes a voice intelligible system to allow listening when using ear plugs, over-the-ear headset or helmet. BCT also offers situational awareness when bike riding, jogging or playing sports.

PoP’n portable chargers provide a strong boost of power in a versatile design. This unique device allows for quick, on-the-go power, only when you need it. Attach PoP’n right onto the back of your smooth surfaced smartphone or case, charge your phone up, pull it off and you’re ready to go. This means portable power, on your terms!