Our Promise

To develop products and services that allow people to enjoy life without worrying about power.

We believe that products are the core of many brands and we strive to enhance brands by integrating our values into the development. Putting these values to work in the design, manufacturing and go-to market process generates award winning product results. Products we are proud to stand by.

Values: Honesty, Passion, Innovation, Productivity, Sharing.


We shipped over 6 Million portable power packs last year.


Established in 1985, we have 30 years of experience in portable power.


We own over 100 patents related to portable power packs utilized on varying products.

We are currently distributing products in over 100 countries and are the leading electronics partner to top consumer electronic brands worldwide.

"Tumi searches for industry leaders to partner up with in various product categories. We met the XPAL Power team and was immediately impressed by their mindset of innovation and drive to be the best in the "charging" industry."



Our collaborative approach drives for refined ideas that excite our customers during the process and at completion. Rest assured our team takes great pride aligning the right resources to guarantee your product is manufactured to your specifications and on time.

Brand Managers

The communication vehicle from inception to completion and the project lead responsible for timely delivery of a high quality and profitable product.


A team of research and development engineers specializing in mechanical, electrical and industrial design transforming the idea into a tangible product.

Supply Chain

Streamlines the business supply side activities focusing on vendor relations ensuring a stable supply of all necessary components and maximizing customer value.

Market Research

A global team of analysts assessing the viability of new products through techniques such as surveys, product testing and focus groups, all while keeping current on overall consumer interest on design, fashion and technology.

Quality Control

Ensures that the product meets specifications and requirements during manufacturing production runs by validating lot samples and is consistent and meets both external and internal requirements of the customer.


With our fully owned factory and several other strategic manufacturing partners across China, we have the ability to produce over one-million units across all manufacturing sites each month. And we stringently qualify all manufacturing partners, vendors, their management and their processes on a continual basis to make sure every product manufactured is of the utmost quality.

Test Center

Our in-house laboratories are built to follow globally recognized operating procedures while conducting near and long term reliability tests on products. Covering a wide variety of mechanical, chemical, environmental, time controlled simulation and cosmetic testing, the test center is equipped to make sure each product goes through multiple levels of quality inspections during the manufacturing process. The end result, a reliable product our customers are proud of.